In Class Project

The Drawing lessons we have at Little K Art Academy focuses on building fundamental drawing skills. Students will learn basic techniques such as shading, controlling tones, composition and drawing methods. Additionally, we learn how to see with an artists eye and strive to expand the student's imagination. Our classes here in Little K are kept small to ensure individualized attention and instruction.

​The Painting lessons we have at Little K Art Academy gives students the chance to learn the basics of painting in watercolor, and most importantly, understanding different types of medium. Students progress as they learn more about color, composition, design, brushwork and painting still life setups. Students are given space to express freely through the usage of color.

The Paper Folding lessons we have at Little K Art Academy focuses on the aspect of imagination, as well as, loosening up and having fun. Students not only have fun from paper folding, but it helps them improve their focus, following directions, and problem-solving skills. We help them expand their creativity skills by incorporating drawings and paintings, which allows the students to fill the rest of the page with similar contents.


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