Art Books

I Can Paint!

Combines a sketchbook and teaching material into one convenient art book that helps educate children. The series is divided into six books which are leveled so that children can follow along age-appropriate content. The series is ideal for moms to have lessons with their children or as teaching material in kindergartens as well as art academies.


스케치북과 교재가 하나로! 간편하게 교육할 수 있는 아이들 을 위한 미술 전문교재입니다. 0권부터 5권까지 단계별 학습 을 통해 연령별, 수준별로 아이들이 이해할 수 있는 눈높이로 설명하고 아이들의 생각을 공감합니다.

Coloring FunFun!

Coloring FunFun is useful for a wide range of people from elementary school students to adults who want to learn how to draw pictures as a hobby. This series consists of four age- and level-appropriate books. Coloring FunFun 1 starts training you to become proficient in the use of various art tools. You start to learn how to observe things. You start to express yourself not just by drawing pictures of what you see but also through the process of what you remember and imagine.


1권부터 4권까지 단계별 학습을 통해 연령별, 수준별과정으 로 이루어져 있어 초등학생부터 취미로 그림을 배우고 싶은 어른들까지 유익하게 이용할 수 있는 미술 전문교재입니다.

Paper Folding


Let's fold, attach, and decorate paper! Children learn about paper folding, fold paper, and then attach the art to the sketchbook. It's an art textbook that allows children to draw related pictures around various paper folding subjects. The children's work becomes the main subject and the protagonist. Let's make an interesting story!

주렁주렁 종이접기

종이를 접고,꾸미고 붙이고 그리자! 종이접기를 배운 후 다양 한 장면을 만들어 볼 수 있습니다. 아이들의 상상력을 더 키워 주세요.

Drawing Book

This series helps children understand and observe the characteristics of each object. The easy-to-carry drawing book is a combination sketchbook-textbook, allowing you to enjoy your art anytime, anywhere. In addition, the book helps students follow and trace around different images, which enables them to be equipped with the right drawing skills at the end. Once the students are done tracing, they are asked to imagine and think about what these certain shapes can turn into.

주렁주렁 드로잉북​

간편하게 각각의 사물의 특징을 이해하고 관찰할 수 있게 도 와줍니다. 쉽고, 재미있게 따라 그리면서 그리기에 대한 자신 감을 키워 줍니다.

Finger Story

Finger Story is a collection of different short stories on every page. Children draw an image based on their creativity and imagination. The children is given finger prints, then asked to draw what they think the prints look like. After giving it a title, they create a story based on their picture. Children are encouraged to be creative with their fairytales!

페이지마다 내용이 다른 짧은 이야기 묶음입니다. 손도장 이어그리기로 완성된 삽화는 아이들의 상상력을 자극 하고, 이야기 내용에 집중할 수 있도록 흥미를 이끌어 냅니다.


The workbooks are to be used in conjunction with the story books to take a closer look at the themes associated with each story. They help teach a wide range of vocabulary words with the use of mind maps as well as talking with the teacher. Children are encouraged to draw and write about their own finger story.

스토리북을 읽은 후 각각의 이야기와 연관된 테마로 학습할 수 있는 책입니다. 마인드맵 방식으로 폭넓은 단어를 배우고 선생님과 이야기를 나눕니다. 직접 그려서 장면을 만들고 글 을 씁니다.


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